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Mugabe and the White African
by Lucy Bailey and Andrew Thompson

Mugabe and the White African
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National PBS Premiere on POV
Tuesday, July 26 at 10 PM

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Mugabe and the White African, much of which was filmed clandestinely, tells an alarming story from one of the world's most troubled nations. In Zimbabwe, de facto dictator Robert Mugabe has unleashed a "land reform" program aimed at driving whites from the country through violence and intimidation. One proud "white African," however, has challenged Mugabe with human rights abuses under international law. The courage Michael Campbell and his family display as they defend their farm — in court and on the ground — makes for a film as inspiring as it is harrowing.

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Mugabe and the White African will be streaming online July 27, 2011 to October 25, 2011.

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