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Good Fortune
by Landon Van Soest, Jeremy Levine

Promised Land
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Good Fortune is a provocative exploration of how massive international efforts to alleviate poverty in Africa may be undermining the very communities they aim to benefit. In Kenya’s rural countryside, Jackson’s farm is being flooded by an American investor who hopes to alleviate poverty by creating a multimillion-dollar rice farm. Across the country in Nairobi, Silva’s home and business in Africa’s largest shantytown are being demolished as part of a U.N. slum-upgrading project. The gripping stories of two Kenyans battling to save their homes from large-scale development present a unique opportunity see foreign aid through eyes of the people it is intended to help.

Participate in a live chat and share your thoughts about Good Fortune on Wednesday, July 14 at noon ET, the day after the broadcast of Good Fortune. The live chat will feature the filmmakers, Landon van Soest and Jeremy Levine, and foreign policy expert Lawrence MacDonald, the vice president of communications and policy outreach for the Center for Global Development.
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Good Fortune will be streaming online July 14, 2010 to October 12, 2010.

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